In der U alle gleich, objects 2020, 100x50x150 cm, 100x50x70cm, 50x50x70 cm – walker, stroller, metal tubes, chains, rings, straps, wheels

Retaining constructions and attendants. Retired Pseudo aids, just like my anti-grinding splint is one. An object that you insert into your mouth before going to bed. It clicks. Sits tightly. Protects. Hanging, lying, bending. In which posture do we meet? 

These three prothesis are converted aids of everyday life, such as a walker, a baby carriage or fragments of a shopping cart, which were connected with parts of holding devices from subways. The diameter of the metal tubes corresponds to the standard dimensions of these holding bars of metropolitan metros, hinting towards our standardized performance and internalized codes of behavior in our use of devices, instruments, and machines. The traces in the material are reminiscent of the clash of reality, of the conversations, encounters and invisible arrangements in the underground.