Toys over toys
objects, video 2022
Exhibition views from What‘s another word for holding together at exhibit studio akbild, Vienna – curated by Natalia Gurova and Vik Bayer, photos by @eselat
8,7m Hecke, 2022, photoprint on paper, 90x870cm
Skater, 2022, metal tubes, hospital wheels, 200x50x30cm
Cater, 2022, metal tubes, hospital wheels, 120x70x50cm
Pillar, 2022, forged metal, 110x15x10cm
Pants, 2022, forged metal, pants, 90x60x90cm
Trashbin, 2021, video trash, 80x70x40cm

When artworks are already build on wheels, thats actually very practical, because they can be easily moved and stored. Once I also called these objects ‚Gefährte‘, so companions, which can either name the things you move around with or a friend that walks a piece of life with you.
My works revolve a lot around our everyday performance with the gadgets, toys and prostheses of our daily life and the futility in the effort of handling them.
In the video I intervene in the supermarket, as public space and unknown territory, to randomly irritate and annoy people and to playfully provoke reactions and engagement, putting up for debate the ways we interact and relate in these spaces. The Video was filmed by Eduardo Triviño-Cely & Olga Steiner.